STEM @ Fullerton College is comprised of our Natural Sciences, Mathematics/Computer Science, and Counseling Departments’ support  for you in any major/career path that is related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Use our site to find out what it means to be a STEM student at FC!

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STEM Success Learning Community

Are you an incoming freshman at Fullerton College for the 2020-2021 school year? Our STEM Success Learning Community (STEM SLC) is a program set up to support new students as they navigate their STEM major/career pathways. The STEM SLC can give you an opportunity to be part of a community of learners who are following similar majors within a supportive environment.

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Mathematics and Computer Science

Fullerton College offers two degrees in Mathematics: An Associate in Science (AS) and an Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T). Students with a degree in mathematics may pursue careers in a variety of industries such as education, finance, insurance, information technology, engineering and operations, manufacturing, consulting, analysis, research, and more. The requirements to earn each of these degrees is detailed below.

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Natural Sciences

The Natural Science Department’s mission is to be the science program of choice for high school and returning college students in and around the Fullerton community. Natural Sciences seeks to bring a diverse arsenal of academic resources to bear. Their professors encourage academic growth through traditional lectures, lively discussions, eye-opening demonstrations, the latest instructional technology, engaging laboratory experiences, meaningful field studies, and effective active learning strategies.

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Counseling Department

The Fullerton College Counseling Department provides student-centered counseling services to support the achievement and growth of our diverse student population with the intent of developing their highest potential, fulfilling goals and promoting life-long success.

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